February 2024

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Most Kiwi job seekers are poorly prepared to navigate the New Zealand job market because they aren't aware that the local employment landscape has changed, meaning that we must take a different approach to job search.   Here at Move to More (M2M) (where we are a recruitment company and coach people in their careers and job hunting) we see many candidates who seem to think that we are in a 'candidates’ market' and that jobs are easy. As a result, candidates use the same CV and the same cover letter to apply for multiple jobs. However, the cover letter should be specific to each role to stand out. Use the cover letter to position yourself better because the cover letter is the first thing a recruiter reads. Employers are looking for specific attributes in candidates that can be difficult for a candidate to fulfil without preparation.   The skills market goes in cycles. With trends like the tech industry downsizing overseas, we see more caution locally—particularly considering recession warnings—so there will be heaps of people out looking for jobs. I think the local job market is going to be tougher. Job seekers will be challenged moving forward, particularly experienced people, because they may take for granted that they