Outplacement Services

At M2M Coaching and Recruitment, we understand how hard layoffs can be for your company. We offer specialised outplacement services to support your employees as they transition to new roles.

Our tailored packages cover CV writing, interview prep, and online job-hunting techniques. With our experienced coaches by their side, your employees will be well-equipped for their next career step.

Let us guide your business through this change smoothly and with confidence.

  • Standard Package
  • $ 449
    + GST
  • Invest in expert guidance to enhance your employees’ online presence and equip them with advanced job search strategies. This will empower them to distinguish themselves and secure their next roles with confidence.

  • Group Package
  • $ 995*
    + GST
  • Enhance your team’s job search strategies by enabling them to connect with other job seekers. Provide them with personalised feedback and guidance from career coaches to boost their likelihood of securing their next roles.

    *up to 5 – $1495 + GST per person
    6 to 10 – $1295 + GST per person
    10+ – $995 + GST per person

  • Executive Package
  • $ 2995
    + GST
  • Help your employees stand out in a competitive job market. By investing in personalised career plans for them, you’ll equip them with the tools they need to differentiate themselves from competitors and secure their desired positions.

Support your employees with their career transition

Standard Package

If your employees have been with you for a while, they might find the current job market quite different. Nowadays, it’s more than just sending in a CV and waiting for feedback. To enhance their opportunities, it’s crucial for them to boost their online profiles and adopt new job-seeking techniques.


The Personal Brand For Job Seekers (PB4JS) online course offers essential support and guidance to elevate their job search, improving their chances of landing new jobs quickly.


Whether your team needs to adopt new strategies or refine their online visibility, this online course is a top pick for ensuring their success in today’s job market.


What’s included:

Access to the Personal Brand for Job Seekers Online Course

One month of email support

Group Package

If you have multiple layoffs this group package is a cost-effective solution. It includes the Personal Brand For Job Seekers (PB4JS) online course and an additional 3 x 60-minute group coaching sessions (online) . This facilitates interaction between participants, offers them tailored feedback, and features a Q&A session with Kathryn, the expert career coach conducting the course.
The Personal Brand For Job Seekers online course combined with group coaching is a prime investment for businesses aiming to boost their retrenched staff’s potential in a highly competitive job landscape.


What’s included:

Access to our Personal Brand for Job Seekers Online Course

3 x 60-minute group coaching session (online)

Q&A with Kathryn (online)

Executive Package

M2M’s executive package is designed to assist your employees in honing their personal brand and crafting a compelling narrative that distinguishes them from competitors. By providing them with unlimited access to our online personal brand masterclass – Your Brand Your Story (YBYS), they’ll be well equipped to shape an impactful personal brand appealing to future employers.

In conjunction with the masterclass, your staff will also benefit from 3 x 60-minute 1:1 coaching sessions with Kathryn. As an experienced career coach, Kathryn will collaborate with them to devise a bespoke plan tailored to their unique requirements, setting them on a trajectory towards achieving their career aspirations.

This comprehensive package equips your employees with a robust personal brand which will help them secure their ideal new role.


What’s included:

Access to the Your Brand Your Story online masterclass

3 x 60-minute 1:1 coaching sessions with Kathryn (online)

Up to 3 months of email support

Elevate Programme

Elevate your team’s prospects with our signature programme, designed to give them the full spectrum of expertise in today’s competitive job market. The Elevate programme boasts access to THREE seasoned experts, each specialising in key aspects: personal branding, LinkedIn optimisation, and premium imagery.


Here’s what’s on offer:


Your Brand Your Story (YBYS): This segment focuses on empowering your employees to create a compelling personal brand, improving their hireability.

Tailored Coaching with Kathryn: Dive deep with 3 x 60-minute individualised sessions. Kathryn, our career mentor, guides each individual towards their career pinnacle.


Photography with Keri: A picture speaks a thousand words. With Keri’s keen eye, your employees will have a refined, professional image, amplifying their personal brand.


LinkedIn Masterclass with Stuart: In today’s digital age, a robust online presence is indispensable. Stuart, our digital networking guru, will offer a 90-minute workshop to revamp LinkedIn profiles, magnifying their reach and influence.


By choosing the Elevate programme, you’re investing in a brighter career future for your employees.


What’s included:

Access to the Your Brand Your Story online masterclass

2 x 60-minute 1:1 coaching sessions with Kathryn

1 x 60-minute follow-up session with Kathryn

Image portfolio with Keri

90-minute x LinkedIn masterclass with Stuart

Up to 3 months of email support

Optional Add-Ons

  • Coaching Session
  • $ 350
    + GST
  • 1.5-hour 1:1 Coaching Session with Kathryn

  • Interview Prep
  • $ 250
    + GST
  • 1-hour Interview Preparation with Kathryn

  • CV Revamp
  • $ 495
    + GST
  • CV Assessment & Revamp with Diella

Book customised outplacement solutions for your team

Areas of Expertise

From tech-driven solutions to transformative leadership, M2M encapsulates a wide range of expertise. We are specialise in:

IT & Digital Transformation

Change Management

Learning & Development

Organisational Development

Human Resource Consulting

Māori and Pasifika Leadership

Vocational Education

Permanent Recruitment

Business success mirrors the achievements and well-being of each of its employees. That's why at M2M, we not only prioritise finding the optimal talent for your organisation but also steer both candidates and clients towards a partnership that fosters innovation, trust, and mutual respect.

Save Time and Money by streamlining the recruitment process to efficiently match your requirements with top-tier candidates.

Increase Job Satisfaction by ensuring candidates are not only qualified but are also placed in roles they're passionate about.

Reach and Attract The Best Talent - with our video advertising we leverage modern video techniques to effectively showcase your brand's unique offerings.

Retain Talent by following our value add best practice recruitment strategies.


Building project teams doesn't have to be an overwhelming and time consuming task. When you work with us you can be assured that we handle the hiring process efficiently, ensuring a seamless experience from selection to onboarding.

Streamline Administrative Processes – Leave the administrative side of hiring to us. We'll handle all the paperwork and details, ensuring a seamless onboarding process for your contract roles.

Quick Talent Acquisition ensures immediate access to specialists tailored for specific projects, reducing the lead time to productivity.

Manage Budget Constraints by hiring on a need-based timeframe, ensuring financial flexibility and optimal resource allocation.

Mitigate Long-term Liabilities by opting for contract-based roles, limiting the long-term financial commitments.


TrustHire is a simple, cost-effective and low-risk solution to recruit fantastic people into your company. TrustHire was created with YOU, small and medium business owners in mind, because we understand that up-front recruitment fees can have a big impact on cashflow.

Reduce your time to hire and gain immediate access to a talent pool you won't find with traditional advertising.

Partner exclusively with us to achieve the best results for your business.

Rely on a plan that simplifies payments over the first year:

  • For Salaries over $100k the fee is split equally over 12 months
  • For Salaries under $100k the fee is split equally over 6 months

Trust in our guarantee where you won't pay if they don't stay. If employment is terminated for any reason the monthly fee stops.

Outplacement Services

By offering outplacement support you not only demonstrate an unwavering commitment to employee welfare, but also bolster your company's reputation as a genuinely responsible and empathetic employer. Our experienced career coaches partner with each individual, ensuring they're equipped and empowered to confidently advance in their career journey.

Boost your Employer Value Proposition (EVP) by showing current and future employees that you're invested in their career journey, even during transitions.

Facilitate Smooth Transitions by entrusting us with the delicate process of helping your redundant employees find new roles; we ensure their journey is handled with care and professionalism.

Unlock Premium, discover our top packages:

  • Individual and group career coaching packages
  • Online career courses
  • Interview preparation
  • CV writing