Say goodbye to upfront recruitment fees!

TrustHire is a simple, cost-effective and low-risk solution to recruit fantastic people into your company.

TrustHire was created with YOU, small and medium business owners in mind, because we understand that up-front recruitment fees can have a big impact on cashflow.

With access to a diverse candidate pool, expert market knowledge and a no risk fee structure, TrustHire makes your hiring process quick, simple and cost efficient.

If you want to save time and hire with confidence and ease, then let’s grow your team together!

How does TrustHire work?

Job Ads

Experience the future of job ads with TrustHire!


We make your job listings come to life through video advertising.


Connect with top talent in Aotearoa New Zealand like never before by showcasing your company culture and opportunities through engaging videos.


Check out our video job ads below to see how TrustHire can transform the way you attract and hire exceptional Candidates!


Fee Structure

Rely on a payment strategy that redefines recruitment success.

TrustHire’s innovative approach spreads the recruitment fee evenly over the first six months of employment, allowing you to enjoy hassle-free payments and reduced hiring risks.


Here’s how it works:

Recruitment fee = $15,000

Divide by 6 months = $15,000/6

Monthly Fee = $2,500

Elevate your talent acquisition experience with a solution that prioritises simplicity and effectiveness.


Your satisfaction guaranteed!


Experience worry-free hiring with our guarantee:




Should employment be terminated for any reason, your monthly fee stops. It’s that simple!


Our unwavering commitment to a risk-free hiring approach underscores our dedication to ensuring your peace of mind throughout the entire process.

Let’s talk about your next hire!

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What our clients say about TrustHire

“My experience with M2M’s TrustHire service was exceptional. Their cost-effective approach and rapid access to top-tier talent streamlined our hiring process. As a GM of Auckland Community Law Centre I highly recommend M2M to those seeking recruitment excellence.”


David Towle
General Manager
Auckland Community Law Centre

TrustHire is created for:

Small & Medium Business Owners

We understand that as an SMB owner, your time and budget are precious. We’re here to simplify recruitment, saving you time and resources, so you can concentrate on growing your business. With our tailored solutions, you’ll find the right talent without the usual hiring hassle.

Community Organisations

We know that community organisations need a team that shares their passion and values. Together let’s partner to find committed individuals who believe in your mission. Our flexible payment options ensure you can invest in talent without straining your budget, making a more significant impact on your community.

Non-for-Profit Organisations

We recognise your need for cost-effective recruitment solutions. By collaborating with us, you get a risk-free hiring process so you can focus your precious resources on the critical work you do. We handle your recruitment with care and transparency, so you can further your nonprofit’s mission.

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