July 2022

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If you are thinking about getting a coach or mentor, then knowing the differences between the two relationships will help you decide which one is the best option for you.    The 5 Key Differences with Coaching and Mentoring  “A coach has some great questions for your answers and a mentor has some great answers for your questions” Unknown 1. Coaching is about focusing on building your capability to improve your performance v Mentoring focuses on support, advice and long term personal development 2. The relationship with a coach is short term - 6-12 months v Mentoring is a much longer lasting relationship -can last for years 3. Coaching is more structured in its approach and often has set tasks for you to complete v Mentoring which tends to be more informal and on an as needs basis as required by the mentee 4. With coaching the coach will ask more thought provoking/challenging questions v mentoring where the mentee will ask more inquiry based questions to access the mentors knowledge and expertise 5. Coaching has specific measurable outcomes to achieve v mentoring where there is more interest in overall long term development of a mentee - rather than specific results Now that you know the difference between coaching and